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Nuts on the rise?

Nuts on the rise ?

One week – two headlines – one background. The leader of a large sect – the Catholic Church – tries to convince his followers that violence against children is okay in their upbringing which is very much in concord with their tradition. Cut. The imam of a Berlin mosque openly defies the German constitution by claiming that women have to ask permission before leaving the house and have to available for their husbands sexual advances at any time which is very much in concord with his religions tradition.

What is that? Has cryotechnology advanced that quickly that we can awaken those who have been dead for two hundred years or more? If that is true then we cannot blame them for having missed the world’s development over the last two hundred years. Otherwise, we will have to ask ourselves why these men can openly preach this nonsense without being laughed out of the pulpit.

I suppose both incidents are part of the losing battle of an old regime where authority substitutes ability and knowledge. What is the Popes authority on the upbringing of children –it is non-existent. What is the Muslim radicals’ authority on the role of women in society – it is non-existent. These old men simply have been left behind by a world that is developing too quickly for their narrow minds. By yelling out their archaic nonsense they hope to stop the wheel of time. But they will not. Time and progress will trample on them, but only if we are smart enough not to listen to them.

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